Our introduction

„Elegance and Passion Forever”

Royal Diamonds Jewellery has been considering the presentation of real values to be its most important objective. In order to provide an unforgettable experience to all of those who appreciate elegance and rare beauties. In addition to provide such everlasting values, that would change regular everydays into special, happier and nicer occasions.

Royal Diamonds Jewellery was inaugurated on the 19th of November 2009, opposite to the historical royal staircase of the National Operahouse, under the address of Budapest 1061. Dalszínház Street 8. Royal Diamonds Jewellery has been operating as a jewellery dealer company for several decades. We have been proud to open our flagship store in the historical environment of the Hungarian Operahouse.

We started our passionate devotion in the special world of jewellery already in the beginning of 1990, when we opened our first jewellery store: Lauli co. Under the adress of Budapest 1137. Pozsonyi Street 9. It was the time when we started to develop our intimate relationship with the world of jewellery and diamonds and other precious stones. Eversince our family have been operating this company. Since the inauguration of Royal Diamonds' flagship store this company continoued to carry the fashionable and more reasonable collections.

ROYAL DIAMONDS has been dealing with internationally known exclusive jewellery brands as well as individually designed and crafted collections under the brand name of ALEXANDRA RÓNAI BY ROYAL DIAMONDS. All these individual pieces are produced by the latest technologies by italian master-producers. Royal Diamonds has been maintaining long standing relationships with its partners and suppliers in order to provide the highest quality at the best ratio with the price. At the same time we do our best efforts to continuously present the widest range of collections, the best and most reliable qualities at superb ratio between the price and quality.

Our corporate philosophy contains our general dedication towards art and culture as well as the recognition of professional experiance and traditions. Our highly trained experts help you to get acquianted with the colorful world of gemstones in an intimate enwironment in order to find the best pieces for your personal purpose.

All our customers who choose to give a special gold and/our precious stone item, not only provide an exclusive gift to their loved ones, but at the same time present real values according to investment criteria.

It is a pleasure to receive a gift, but it is even more pleasant to present a gift to our loved ones. ROYAL DIAMONDS JEWELLERY can be the best choice for you when ever you want to express your personal feelings in the form of an individual piece to your loved ones.